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Performance Diver - Large Heavy Duty Dive Flag - For Boats

Performance Diver - Small Heavy Duty Dive Flag - For Floats

Performance Diver - Heavy Duty Dive Flag, Weighted Float, Rig & Line

Performance Diver - Deployable Surface Marker Buoy
Can be deployed at depth
(when combined with a reel or finger spool & line - not included)
Features an over pressure valve to vent excess pressure while ascending
Colour - High Vis Orange
One-way valve in the base so it remains inflated
Can also be used as a conventional safety sausage or buoyancy aid
Can be orally inflated
Inflated via your 2nd stage regulator
And can be inflated with your inflator hose
Complete with pouch and attachment clip

Performance Diver - Inflatable Spearfishing Float
Inflatable spearfishing float with dive flag
Approximately 900mm in length
Approximately 220mm wide
Made from rot proof denier
Weight pouch on underside for stability and orientation - (weight not included)
Oral inflation tube for quick inflation
Grab handle and nylon attachment rings
Stainless D-ring for line attachment

Performance Diver - Tank Rattle
Divers tank rattle . Perfect for signalling your
dive buddy underwater or on the surface.
Made of chrome plated brass.

Performance Diver - 30Kg - Lift Bag
Recreational 30 KG Lift Bag with relief valve

Performance Diver - 60Kg - Liftbag
Recreational 60 KG Liftbag with relief valve

Performance Diver - Wreck Reel
Line Settings - Skip / Free / Stop

Performance Diver - Aluminium Dive Reel
Reel diameter: 100mm
Reel width: 75mm
Line capacity approximately:  90m (270ft)
2.5mm nylon cord
Heavy duty anodised aluminium frame
Strong non-corrosive plastic reel
Stainless steel spring loaded clip
Adjustable line tensioner
Line brake

Performance Diver - 50M - Finger Spool

Performance Diver - Mask Anti Fog
30ml Mask Anti Fog Spray - Stops your mask from fogging up during a dive.

Performance Diver - Plastic Whistle

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