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Performance Diver - Save a Dive Kit
Save a Dive Kit , Never ruin a dive again! Complete with :
Mask strap
Silicone mouthpiece
Cable tie
1 Fin strap
Various Tank O-Rings
1st Stage HP port plug
1st Stage LP port plugs x 2
Snorkel Keeper

Performance Diver - Din to Yoke Converter
This converter allows your DIN style Regulator to be used with ANY TANK.
Will convert all din regulators back to yoke
Perfect for switching from din tanks to K valves

Performance Diver - 1st Stage DIN Plug
Aluminium 1st stage DIN plug to protect the threads on your DIN 1st stage regulator.

Performance Diver - Valve Protector

Performance Diver Springloaded Crayloop
The Stainless Steel Springloaded Crayloop is made of high quality heavy duty stainless steel
with a non slip rubber hand grip. The loop itself is 5mm thick stainless. The loop is 400mm round.
Overall length of the snare is 1470mm. The loop is welded at a precise angle which produces a
perfect 90' angled loop to the shaft.

Performance Diver - Gear Hanger
Heavy duty high density polymer equipment hanger
Robust construction designed to support the
combined weight of wetsuit, BCD and regulator

Performance Diver - Wetsuit Hanger
High density polymer wetsuit hanger
Robust construction designed to support the weight of a wetsuit

Performance Diver - Tank / Cylinder Handle
Rugged nylon cylinder / tank carry handle.

Performance Diver - Tank / Cylinder Mesh

Performance Diver - Neoprene Hood

Performance Diver - Polartec Hood

Performance Diver - Tire Inflator

Performance Diver - Regulator Swivel

Performance Diver - Air Blower

Performance Diver - Std Power Inflator
Standard Power inflator to fit corrugated BCD hose
with an internal diameter of 25mm.

Stainless Steel D Rings - Pair
1 pair of Stainless Steel D Rings
Dimensions approx - 60mm x 45mm x 50mm

Performance Diver - Silicone Snorkel Keeper

Performance Diver - Regulator Dust Cap

Performance Diver - 3 Panel Slate

Performance Diver - Tank Cylinder Backpack

Performance Diver - Mouth Piece - Silicone - Black

Performance Diver - Mouth Piece - Silicone - Clear

Performance Diver - Twin Tank Bands with nuts and bolts - For Faber Tanks
One PAIR of unbridged S/S twin tank bands and rubber with S/S nuts and bolts
Designed for 178mm diameter Faber steel tanks fitted with
C25E or C25F manifolds with 215mm centres. Width of bands is 50mm

Performance Diver - Hose Protectors

Performance Diver - Octopus Holder Round

Performance Diver - Divers Statue
Divers Statue approximately 21 cms tall

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