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Performance Diver - Element Mask
The Performance Diver Element Mask is a low volume stylish mask.  
Made from high quality liquid silicone, the soft skirt creates a comfortable seal.

Performance Diver XTec Dive Mask
The XTec fits a wide variety of faces and offers superior peripheral vision, due to its low volume.

Performance Diver - Prescription Lens Pairs
Prescription Lenses for Genesis SL Masks, Sherwood Magnum 2 Masks and Performance MX10 Masks.
Prescriptions Available : -1.5 / -2 / -2.5 / -3 / -3.5 / -4 / -4.5 / -5 / -5.5 / -6 / -6.5 / -7

Performance Diver - Concept Mask
Quality Italian crystal silicon wide-fit mask

Performance Diver - Siesta Mask
Famous Italian crystal Silicon low profile mask

Performance Diver - MX-10
Popular Crystal Silicone Low Profile mask

Performance Diver - MX-One Mask
Patented wide focus Crystal silicon Purge valve design

Performance Diver - MX-Four Mask
4 window Crystal silicon Panoramic view

Performance Diver - MX-LP Mask
Quality single lens Crystal silicon Ultra low volume

Performance Diver - Panoptic
Panoramic view mask Popular Crystal silicon

Performance Diver - Kids Mask & Snorkel Set
Quality Kids mask - snorkel sets Universal custom seal mask
Quality purge snorkel Including clear mask box and draw string carry bag

Performance Diver - Giant-Eye Mask
Popular non-purge low volume mask

Performance Diver - Titanium Mask
Frameless low volume mask

Performance Diver - Optica Mask
Performance Optica Crystal Liquid Silicone low volume mask.
Great for small faces

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